October 20, 2009

–came up with an artwork for Stasis Records 2nd netrelease. this release will feature some of rawest Dublin’s electronica brought by agents ConoR, RorY, Fran, LakkeR and others::i combined personal drawing with background mashed with different brushes in Photoshop. layer beautifully is a difficult task///




//chemical vs organic realms

October 7, 2009

here are some captured experiments on film i have made working with different liquids, respectively bleach, hair colorant, olive oil, washing up liquid, milk, water and tipex liquid. dig the realms::




















//a photo session with black femme fatale

October 5, 2009

here are some recent shots i made with 35 mm b/w film
i used 400iso film and had one table lamp as my main spotlight shine on model’s face. shots are very spontaneous and random and have been produced within living environment which is my room. i was very happy with some of the photos regarding we didn’t use professional light and studio surroundings.

featuring Heather Vogel the black mamba










–i had some effect filters at my disposal-a fog filter and soft spot filter as well as darkening and kaleidoscope-type of filters i did screw on my camera lens. here are some color photos and experiments with same face>>







//my miscellaneous music videoz::

October 5, 2009

here are some music videos i have worked on before. they definitely not showing my computer editing skills as i prefer working in live media rather than sitting in production ensuite which means for me nothing more than playing with dead meat. i have been asked by my good friends/ music producers to accompany their sound creations with some visual imagery. since they trust my sketchy mind and have witnessed my visual going off on projection screens at clubs, they were eager to frame and stitch me to a limited format as “music video” in one piece with ability to playback it as many times as they wish. (live performance has amazing nature of never repeating itself and that strikes me to certain point i choose my creative work to be involved exactly in this particular media discipline-live performance) anyway–here are some of my creations i wish to share::

1)my first music video ever–i did learn After Effects and Sony Vegas as i was making this video. i didn’t have any previous experience in video making and i would avoid this task if i could. at that time i was closely involved with live video shows and, particularly, with music producer PrinceKong. we would mash Dublin’s pubs into dark mess, his mad-breaking sound would turn pints into shreds of broken glass and my imagery would make some people turn away with anguish and haze. we did enjoy our sets as well as others did, so i ended up myself in trouble to make Karl a music video. i am not proud of what i did in terms of production quality, but i had very strong concept behind it as well filming this video has been greatest laugh of my life, so, in total, it was well worth of making it. i was in long hunt for the horse mask, i tried all children and mask shops in Dublin, looked on e-bay. i could never find appropriate one. mask i am using in video i luckily found in Berlin. i asked my best mates to act in this video. after video came out, girl who is doing the main character often would be addressed as “horse laydee” when spotted in parties. we did film at 6am on the roof of my apartment block in heart of Dublin and i have never laughed like that in my whole life. just the fact that tall being in horse mask+long blue wig wearing pink tights with biker boots and has a fetish fishnet bodywear stretched over her naked boobs made me grasp for breath. we had amazing fun and if not such dedication and involvement in this no-budget film fun, i would never got such great footage to work with.>>>


2)this is very abstract video i made with quick random film shots with my digital camera. all footage used i did film against my laptop screen except opening shot which is pre-filmed river water and microwave timer. i liked the idea to use source of material what was showing on my computer screen (old atari game applications, some video clips, myspace scrolling, etc)) as well use it as a background for some acts i constructed using some plastic toys and hands. the brightness of screen shaped out anything put in front of it as black objects and it worked perfectly for my video concept. i didn’t do lot of editing for this video. i had couple of video shots i just stitched together and blended with sound. music by Andrei Antonets

3)this video is maybe one of my favorite of production ones. i did involve lot of work in this one. i use mixed media approach by composing whole piece blending layers of animations, film shots, photographs and drawings. it has both still and moving pictures. it certainly doesn’t meet broadcasting standards in quality and execution, but it was a great challenge to me use multiple sources and join them all in one audio visual piece. music is by amazing Jonny Dillon

4)this last video has more experimental approach to it than ones i made before. as my feeling towards music video has been gradually changing by implementing more diverse and mixed media material i started to use more radical tools to record the actual video. if before i would sit my laptop for hours editing video footage in several software applications simultaneously, i would do anything different to what i’ve done before and meet the end product in more exciting way.
in this particular video i used circuit bending to achieve special real time effects with the sound. i hooked tv to my laptop as extended desktop through s-video cable. when i played a music track on my laptop, i observed rhythmical jitter on television screen. the connection proved to be faulty and at some point and sound would affect the output. i haven’t researched what exactly did cause this effect but it gave me the idea of real time visual manipulation using sound via s-video cable.
//i set Stasis old logo as my background image and with additional manipulation and disturbance of s-video input i managed to achieve more spectacular and dramatic distortia of visual output on my tv monitor. i did film it real time from tv screen. actual video has two blended layers which are two separate takes from tv screen. in my second filming i placed kaleidoscope lens on my video camera lens and got film with peculiar look. after i did blend these two films together in computer software Sony Vegas and planted it on track, i had to make sure visual linked to sound, as my films were filmed real time while track was playing. track is composed by Stasis records founder and runner –> Simon Hayes


transit/metal plate.kaya.

October 5, 2009


i do live strait under roof
in a loft-aka-my present room
it is on carpet where i draw stories
on slopes of ceiling//give myself to agony
of creation suicide

my head is empty
same time i see so many things
arranged around like in a circus tent
i like them appear random and with no description
as such, maybe, nothing really remains persistent
everything around is just a vague translation
of one’s mind interpretation crazy

i am trying to digg the joy
of loosen dog//it is happy
but dont know what to do with its freedom
which equals to bloody moronism
executed in girly fashion

i have this deep feeling
that rush and doing things in middle of tornado
brings u to messed up mazes
of possibilities endings
which is sound, cause slit open rationality
pours out amazing stuff>>
it is momentual/fast changing/irrational
situation fuck up

i have learnt to lay down
listen what carpet wants to say
let the water run and keep non-disturbing
to what is going to happen
life has it’s own pace
and human sickening rush n greed
has made all things impossible
to fulfill themselves
i will remain calm
open to whispers
n silent stories
:: i want to watch the dawn
and let the fresh night air been navigated
across my face
while church bell rings the hour

Picture 519
Picture 521
Picture 520
Picture 518
Picture 522

///foto editz

August 28, 2009

i have started to work with 35mm film again. at the moment my tool is slr camera Yashica FX-70 . it is not megaprofessional device but has couple options i am quite happy with :: i can change lenses, adjust different exposition times and just simply enjoy taking decent looking fotos with quite cheap piece of device. i have edited these fotos in photoshop::




wall paintings

July 26, 2009

these walls i did paint back in Latvia couple of years ago when i was studying at Modern Languages faculty. The building had perviously dark/postcommunist style of graphics inside (which ,i think, now would look totally !hype) and headmaster was setting ready works for total refurbishment. i rushed to her office with a porposal to design all 4 walls and use light colour sheme and minimal graphic design. at that time i had no idea how hard and time consuming it turned out to complete my one-man-nut-idea, but i did enjoy every second of my work. my job included also to pick  main colour palette for whole building and to monitor painters squad if they do job well. i had 20 people working under me and addressing to me as “miss artist”. i had great laugh at whole situation, cause i was just an ordinary student totally out of being professionally art mananging persona, but i had my vision and it took me all way through this. when all walls had been prepared and covered with light colour base, i was given my only tools i asked for–a ladder and a paint brush. i did complete 4 wall paintings just with one colour tube in 4 months.
the ball designs are originally made by famous hungarian optical art masturbator Victor Vasarely and i just recreated his designs onto the walls (pics 1, 2, 3), the square optical 3-d illusives (pics 4, 5) are my own designs.
digg the wall shift>>






///peace data::